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Complete Oil Mill Plant

Complete Oil Mill Plant

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Mini Oil Mill Plant includes Groundnut / Peanut Decorticator, Copra Cutter, Oil Expeller, Filter Press, Baby Boiler and necessary equipment.

Mini oil mill is suitable for crushing of all type edible and non edible oil seed. Our Oil Expeller can be operated by any person with a little training, which can be provided by us on request. The adulteration of oil is checked and the villagers can gets their seed crushed in front of their own eyes and obtain pure oil and oil cake readily. It solves the unemployment problem. It is very economical to start an oil mill with a little finance and the space required is also very small. It gives boost to the village industries. It created employment opportunities in the villages itself and the villages will not have to migrate to the cities for employment.


Mini oil mill can be established in every village. So it encourages homogeneous developments of the country. Mini oil mill saved transport expenses for carrying oil seeds to city and bringing oil from city. Consumer’s empty tins can be refilled and hence costly packing expenses can be saved. Mini oil mill make available pure, fresh, natural oil to villages from their own oil seed on custom milling basis. Mini oil mill is emanated exploitation by middleman and traders, as consumers have direct contact with mill. Mini oil mill is greatly encouraging rural developments as wealth and self employment jobs are generated in village. Mini oil mill is encouraging animal husbandry by making available oil cake as best cattle feed. It increases milk production considerably

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